Information Technology

The Department of Information Technology is Headed by Dr. Purnachandar Rao, an eminent academician with over 4 decades of proven expertise and experience as Professor and Principles in reputed engineering offers 4-year B.Tech programme in Information Technology with an intake of 120 students. The department has a strong team of close to 30 faculty members with expertise in diversified areas of Information Technology practices and applications. Information Technology department emphasizes on excellence in course delivery thus preparing the students industry-ready by the end of their B.Tech programme.

The Research areas of the department are Data warehousing & Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Ad-hoc Networks, Project Management and Web Technologies. Industry requirements are identified by close interaction with Technical Heads of different software companies and accordingly students are encouraged to carry out their academic projects on emerging areas of Information Technology with special emphasis on Requirement Analysis, Design Patterns and robust software engineering principles.

S.No Name of the Faculty Designation
2 Mr. BHUKYA SHANKAR NAYAK Assoc. Professor
3 Mrs. M. UDAYA RANI Assoc. Professor
4 Mrs. M. UMA DEVI Assoc.. Professor
5 Mr. B. JOGA RAO Assoc. Professor
6 Mrs. E. ANURADHA Asst. Professor
7 Mrs.M. SUPRIYA Asst. Professor
8 Mrs.A. SHYLAJA REDDY Asst. Professor
9 Ms. G. DEEPA Asst. Professor
10 Mr. B. ARUN Asst. Professor
11 Mr. E. SATEESH Asst. Professor
12 Mr. K. KARTHIK Asst. Professor
13 Ms. D. SRIVALLI Asst. Professor
14 Mr. R. SHRAVAN KUMAR Asst. Professor
15 Ms. R. AISHWARYA Asst. Professor
16 Mr. D. HARILAL Asst. Professor
17 Mr. CH. RAGHUVARAN Asst. Professor
18 Mr. P. VENKAT RAM REDDY Asst. Professor
19 Mr. P. NAGENDRA Asst. Professor
20 Ms. A. SATYASRI NS Asst. Professor
21 Mr. G. ASHOK Asst. Professor
22 Mr. S. MAHESH Asst. Professor
23 Mr. A. SUJITH Asst. Professor
24 Mr. B. SAIKRISHNA Asst. Professor
25 Mr. N. KIRAN KUMAR Asst. Professor
26 Mr. V. SAGAR Asst. Professor
27 Mr. A. RAKESH Asst. Professor
28 Mr. K. LAKSHMI NARAYANA Asst. Professor
29 Ms. K. CHANDRAKALA Asst. Professor

Admissions Open 2017-2018

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