Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

B. Tech in Computer Science (Artificial Learning and Machine Learning) prepares students with advanced learning and knowledge in machine learning, often known as deep learning and artificial intelligence.

The programme empowers and enables students to build software to be intelligent machines, s and/or applications with a cutting-edge blend of machine learning, data analytics and other advanced technologies. The major objective being to program machines with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms to create real time user experience in solving given problems.

This programme covers AI conceptual frameworks, tools and methods in different areas such as neural networks, signal processing and data mining aiming at creating an unified solution of machine learning problems and solutions.

This programme empowers students with skills and abilities to design intelligent solutions to problems in a variety of domains and business applications and fields such as natural language processing, text mining, robotics, reasoning and problem-solving.

This programme facilitates lifelong learning, exceptional and remunerative career paths with challenging roles in a futuristic industry.

The department has qualified faculty members with strong expertise in the research areas of Data Science, Artificial intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Cyber Security systems, software engineering, data base systems and data warehousing systems, information systems and computer networking. Industry-institute interaction is a regular phenomenon of Computer Science & Engineering departments.

Head of the Department

Dr. Y.L.Malathi Latha, M,Tech.,Ph.D

Dr. Y L Malathi Latha, heads the Department of Computer Science & Engineering. She has done her doctorate from JNTUH. She has over 20 years of experience in teaching in higher education space and she has been serving this institution from last 11 years. She plays a key role in empowering both her team and students in keeping them abreast with emerging technological advancements. Her core interests lies in research & development and enjoys enjoys teaching varied conceptual programmes to the student at various levels. She also motivates and support students by counseling them to achieve their goals.


S.No Name Designation Qualification Experience Photograph
1 Dr. Y.L Malathi Latha Professsor & Head Ph.D(CSE) 21
2 Dr.J.Manoranjini Professor B.E,M.Tech,Ph.D(CSE) 12
3 K.V.Rajani Associate Professor M.Tech 20
5 Varada Sangeetha Associate Professor M.Tech ( CSE ) 15 years
6 Guturi Venkata Rama Sai Lavanya Assistant Professor M.Tech (Computer Science and Engineering) 6 months
8 Mrs. Mrunmayi Joshi ASST.PROF M.E.(CSE) 5.5
9 Karupothula Prashanth Assistant Professor M.Tech (Computer Science and Engineering) 6 years
10 Veeramalla Nikitha Assistant Professor M.Tech (CSE) 1 year 8 months
11 G.Shravan Kumar Assistant Professor M.Tech (CSE) 8
12 Mane prasanna kumari Assistant professor M.Tech(CSE) 10 months
13 M.Mahesh Assistant Professor M.Tech(CSE) 1 year
14 Komirineni Sruthi Assistant Professor Mtech(cse) 3
15 Karampudi Srinivas Rao Assistant Professor M.Tech(CSE) 4 years
16 kanakam soujanya Assistant Professor M.Tech(CSE) 6years
17 Patwari Prasad Rao Assistant professor,(Ph.D(cse)) 18 years
18 Parigi Vijaya Vidyullatha Assistant Professor M.Tech ( CSE ) 1 year
19 chodapalli Hyma Assistant Professor M.Tech(IT) 10 years
20 Komalla Laxman Assistant Professor M.Tech ( CSE ) 2 years 4 months