The ECE Department started in the year 2004 and evolved as constituent & dynamic department in the SVIT with intake of 120 students. It is the major diversification initiative by college. The department has qualified faculty with high retention and varied specializations, it is also well equipped with state-of-art laboratories. Ever since its inception, the department has been the hub of academic excellence through teachers to have laid a sound foundation. The Department has 3 Professors with Ph.D & several other staff members are pursuing their Ph.D. It has a strong team of close to 30 faculty with expertise and research interest in diversified areas of Power Electronics, Embedded Systems, VLSI. A strong industry-institute interaction empowers the department to be continuously updated with the emerging developments in the industry and accordingly augment student skill set. The department has been able to mould budding graduates into quality professionals in Electronics and communication engineering to compete globally.

Head of the Department

Dr. M.Mahesh Ph.D

  • Experience: 18+ years
  • Paper Publications : 15
  • Dr. Mahesh heads the Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering. He has done his doctoral from JNTU, Anantapur. He has over 18 years experience of research and teaching with institutions of repute. He has 15 international publications to his credit and attended 3 international conference and 5 national conferences.He is supported by a strong team of committed faculty members with diversified research and academic interests.


    S.No Name Designation Experience Qualification University ID Photograph
    01 Dr. Mahesh Head of Department 19 Ph.D. 2397-160310-142830
    02 Prof. G Thomas Reddy Professor 24 Years M.TECH (Ph.D.) 5566-150408-114948
    03 Mr. D S Rao Professor 19+20 M.TECH 4340-150411-145426
    04 Mr. R K Agarwal Assoc. Prof. 21 M.E. (Ph.D.)) 2733-150408-154752
    05 Dr. Mrs. Drakshayani Desai Assoc. Prof 11 Ph.D. 6522-150409-132034
    06 Mr. K Suresh Asst Prof 12 M.Tech (Ph.D.) 6839-150414-122055
    07 Mr. M S Sravan Asst Prof 5 M.E 1733-150408-162503
    08 Mr. P. Srinath Asst Prof 5 M.TECH 2402-150409-161742
    09 Mr. A Ganesh Asst Prof 3 M.TECH 0066-161214-122550
    10 Mr. P. Vidya Sagar (EEE) Asst Prof 4 M.TECH 6840-150420-122852
    11 Mr. S.Vamsi Krishna (EEE) Asst Prof 5 M.TECH 3237-170104-111226
    12 Mr. P. Vijaya Bhaskar Asst Prof 11 M.TECH 81150404-111803
    13 Mrs. Nazia Shabana Asst Prof 2 M.TECH 5814-180814-140252
    14 Ms. K Shravani (EEE) Asst Prof 2 M.TECH 6688-170914-121616
    15 Ms. R Rajyalakshmi Asst Prof 4 M.TECH 70150406-110825
    16 Mrs. Y Manjusha Asst Prof 1 M.TECH 9219-190503-135707
    17 Mr. A Saibaba Asst Prof 2 M.TECH 8986-180424-135114
    18 Mr. G. Ranganath Asst Prof 4 M.TECH 0002-150413-182843
    19 CHANDANA DARA Asst Prof 5 M.TECH 6743-150410-150426
    20 Mrs. D Karuna Kumari Asst Prof 4 M.TECH 8610-150409-121328
    21 Ms. G Rudramma Devi Asst Prof 2 M.TECH 4626-180709-160452