The H&S Department at SVIT facilitates a smooth transition of students from 10+2 background to Engineering streams. H&S Department lays a strong foundation in Core Engineering, Sciences and English empowering them to cope up with their respective areas of specialization in ensuing years. The Department is headed by Prof. SVS Sarma who has a rich intellectual and academic experience with proven expertise in Mathematics and Computer Science. The department has a strong cohesive team of close to 30 faculty members having diversified interests in teaching methodologies and research in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English and other allied disciplines.

Head of the Department

Dr. Jyothi Shinde

Dr. Jyothi Shinde is innovative and committed teaching professional facilitating students to understand intricacies of mathematics and its application in different branches of engineering with the help of Caselets and live scenarios. Dr. Jyothi Shinde has done her M.Sc., M.Phil. in Mathematics from Gulbarga University and Madurai Kamraj University respectively. She holds a Doctoral degree in Fluid Mechanics from Gulbarga University. She 6 international publications in journals of repute to her credit.

She brings in over two decades of expertise in research and teaching in Discrete Mathematical Structures, Computational Mathematics Her expertise in working with institutions of repute in higher education space for over two decades enables her to identify specific learning needs of students and deliver customized teaching sessions accordingly, in addition to the curriculum. Her sessions are highly interactive, experiential involving direct experience, followed by reflection, and then the development of a plan for future experience. Her approach is participative and empathetic. Her students take away specific learning points as a result of her unique blend of cutting edge theory delivered with practical examples thus creating a complete teaching-learning environment.


Sub Department - Mathematics Name of the Faculty Qualification Exp. Designation University ID Photograph
1 Dr. Jyothi Shinde M.Sc.Ph.D. 20 Professor & HoD 8677-150409-122457
2 M SUDHENDRA M.Sc,M.Phil(Ph.D) 29 Assoc. Professor 52150407-112825
3 G ANIL KUMAR M.Sc. TS-SET qualified 15 Asst.Professor 11150404-160122
4 D SRAVANTHI M.Sc.,B.Ed 8 Asst.Professor 7592-161227-132718
Sub Department - English
S.NO Name of the Faculty Qualification Exp. Designation University ID Photograph
5 R.Elizabeth Kavita M.A. , TS-SET qualified 12 Asst. Professor 8430-190801-113252
6 Praveen Alluri M.A., M.Phil,PGDTE 12 Asst. Professor 6905-200203-135850
7 P V Lalitha Kumari M.A., 7 Asst. Professor 9555-200131-103220
8 C Manasa Sree M.A., 1 Asst. Professor 8730-200302-122623
Sub Department - Chemistry
S.NO Name of the Faculty Qualification Exp. Designation University ID Photograph
9 GVN MURTHY M.Sc 29 Professor 3044-150408-122843
10 K.Vani M.Sc.,(Ph.D), FET, JNTUH qualified 13 Asst. Professor 4886-171223-143729
11 KANAKAM PRAVEEN M,Sc 4 Asst.Professor 7926-150419-172023
Sub Department - Physics
S.NO Name of the Faculty Qualification Exp. Designation University ID Photograph
12 V RAMESH M.Sc,B.Ed 13 Asst.Professor 60150407-125006
13 Dr. Ramesh Boda M.Sc, Ph.D. 6 Asst.Professor 5430-170127-124123
14 Dr. Giridhar Chakravarthy M.Sc,Ph.D 3 Asst. Professor 1263-161206-130306