Information Technology

The Department of Information Technology offers 4-year B.Tech programme with intake of 120 students. The department has a strong cohesive team of close to 25 faculty members with proficiency in diversified areas of Information Technology practices and applications. Information Technology department accentuate on brilliance in course delivery thus preparing the students industry-ready by the end of their B.Tech programme. Workshops and seminars on different scientific aspects and budding trends are conducted at regular intervals to keep students updated with industry requirements. The Department provides strong exposure to emerging technologies like Open Source, Grid and Cloud computing The Research areas of the department are Data warehousing & Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, MANETs, Project Management and Web Technologies. Industry requirements are identified by close interaction with Technical Heads of different software companies and accordingly students are encouraged to carry out their academic projects on emerging areas of Information Technology with special emphasis on Requirement Analysis, Design Patterns and robust software engineering principles.

Head of the Department


Prof. Y J Sudha Rani heads the department of Information Technology. She is passionate and committed teaching professional enabling students to integrate learning with applications thus shaping students to be industry ready by the end of their course. Prof. Sudha has done her M.Tech. in Computer Science and presently in her final phase of completing her doctoral degree in Networks from JNTUH. Prof. Sudha has 8 international publications in journals of repute such as SPRINGER, SCOUPS and other UGC approved journals to her credit.

She brings in over a fifteen years of expertise in administration, research and teaching in Computer Science and Engineering with Computer Networks being her core area of interest and delivery. Her expertise in working with diversified set of students greatly helps institution to identify specific learning needs of students and deliver customized teaching sessions accordingly, in addition to the curriculum. Her sessions are highly interactive, experiential and compels students to reflect on the learning and consolidate the associated application of conceptual frameworks and derive future experience. Her student-centric approach and focus on 'Why and How rather than What' of the concepts she delivers in her session, makes her most sought after teacher.


S.No Name Qualification Experience Designation Photograph
1 Y JOHN SUDHA RANI M.Tech(Ph.D) 15 Years Assistant Professor
2 SHANKAR BHUKYA M.Tech, Ph.D 14 Years Associate Professor
3 G UMA DEVI M.Tech 22 Years Associate Professor
4 MUNAGALACHETTY SUPRIYA M.Tech(Ph.D) 20 Years Associate Professor
5 JUTURU SUNANDA M.Tech 22 years Assistant Professor
6 SSR SUCHITRA M.Tech 1 Year 10 Months Assistant Professor
7 R SUREKHA M.Tech 2.5 Years Assistant Professor
8 RAGHU VARAN CHEERLA M.Tech 4 Year Assistant Professor
9 DOLLY TRIVEDI M.Tech 4 Years Assistant Professor
10 G BRAHMAIAH M.Tech 4 Years Assistant Professor
11 THAVVA RAMYA M.Tech 3 Year Assistant Professor
12 RAJESH GUJJE M.Tech 1 Year Assistant Professor
13 CHEKKABANDI LAASYA M.Tech 1 Year Assistant Professor
14 ARIGELA SANDHYA M.Tech 2 Years Assistant Professor
15 B JOGA RAO M.Tech 12 Years Assistant Professor
16 GERA BUJJIBABU M.Tech 4 Years Assistant Professor
17 CH AMALA M.Tech 3 Years 4 Months Assistant Professor
18 JYOTHI ARIGELA M.Tech 1 Year 5 Months Assistant Professor
19 CHARLAPELLI SRIKANTH M.Tech 2 Years Assistant Professor
20 SANGEETHA DEPALLE M.Tech 2 Years Assistant Professor