B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering (IOT) provides students with a strong foundation in computer science wireless communication and computer networks. The programme aims to equips students with professional knowledge and practical skills in communications technology and networks backed by Information Technology providing a broad base of applications in the Internet of Things.

The programme prepares students with skills in sensor networks design and network planning for creating IoT applications. The topics include- Introduction to IoT Understanding IoT in Market perspective Data and Knowledge Management and use of Devices in IoT Technology Understanding IoT Architecture and the application of IOT in various technologies.

Head of the Department

Dr Jhum Swain

Educational Information:
- PhD in CSE and Faculty of Data Science
- MTech in CSE
Professional Experience:
- Teaching Experience of 2+ years
- Research Experience of 3 years
Professional Experience:
- Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET), Computer Network, Security
- International Journal - 5
- Scopus – 3
- 1 Conference Paper
- 1 Book Chapter


S.No Name Qualification Department Jntuh-Id Photograph
1 MR.CHAKRAVARTHY DARNASI M.Tech IOT 8040-170211-091202
2 MRS.E.KAVITHA M.Tech IOT 4268-210403-133310
3 MRS.M.PRASANNA KUMARI M.Tech IOT 8617-190830-123019
4 MRS.A.SONA M.Tech IOT 6650-160307-150651
5 MR. V. VINOD KUMAR M.Tech IOT 5644-220706-232130
6 MR.M.ABISHEK M.Tech IOT 4972-160310-100809
7 MR.G.RAJESH M.Tech IOT 0286-190119-232521
8 MRS.G.SAHAJA M.Tech IOT 3506-220707-110009
9 Ms.MEKALA ABHIGNA M.Tech IOT 4528-200307-163733
10 MR.D.YUGENDHAR M.Tech IOT 3511-220707-151903
11 MRS.SHIRISHA YERRA M.Tech IOT 4958-150426-160404

Course PPTs

Course Outcomes