Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering was established in the first year of commencement of the college i.e., 2004. The present intake of the Department is 120. The Department has 21 staff members and seven technical staff members. The department has blend of experienced Faculty. The non-teaching staff of the Department is skilled and experienced. The Department has twelve established laboratories having 152 different equipments. The Department has well equipped laboratories to meet the needs of under graduate curriculum and to consolidate concepts learned in theory through laboratory work. General Engineering Workshop which meets the need of teaching the six trades of Carpentry, Fitting, Tin Smithy, House Wiring, Foundry and Welding to all first year students. The other Eleven Mechanical Engineering Laboratories – Metallurgy And Material Science Lab, Mechanics of Solids Lab, Thermodynamics Lab, Manufacturing Process Lab, Kinematics And Dynamics Lab, Fluid Mechanics And Hydraulic Machines Lab, Machine Tools And Metrology Lab, Thermal Engineering Lab, Heat Transfer Lab, Production Drawing Practice and Instrumentation and Control Systems Lab, and, Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD / CAM) Lab to meet the needs of teaching in all areas of Mechanical Engineering eg. Machine Tools, Manufacturing process, IC Engines, Hydraulic Machinery, Thermal Engineering, Heat Transfer, Instrumentation and CAD / CAM. There are 152 laboratory equipments in these twelve laboratories in which Universal Testing Machine, Lathes, Milling Machine, Drilling Machine, Grinding Machine, Furnace, Fuels And Lubricants Properties Testing Equipment, Welding Machines, Hydraulic Press, Turbine Test Rigs, Centrifugal Pump Test Rigs, I.C. Engine Test Rigs, Microscopes, Metrology Equipment and Instrumentation Equipment are the major equipments.

Head of the Department

Dr K Subramanyam

Prof. Subramanyam is leading the Department of Mechanical Engineering from the front. He has done his doctoral from Sri Venkakashwara University. He is a 2 time convenor for EAMCET. He has over 25 years experience of research and teaching with institutions of repute.He has over 15 international publications to his credit. His research interests are production engineering and allied areas.. He is supported by a strong team of dedicated faculty members.


S.No Name Designation Qualification Experience (Years) University ID Photographs
01 Dr K Subramanyam HOD & Professor PH.D 25 Years 0568-160529-145949
2 B Abhiman Associate Professor ME 10 79150407-153847
3 B Pravin Kumar Assistant Professor ME 12 09150407-163929
4 R Mohan Assistant Professor ME 15 91150404-124157
5 G Gopal Assistant Professor M Tech 6 8488-150411-154942
6 M Rama Krishna Assistant Professor M Tech 8 51150407-104238
7 R Rajesh Assistant Professor M Tech 8 3374-150412-122856
8 B Uday Kumar Assistant Professor M Tech 4 5601-170111-112557
9 S Shiva Kumar Assistant Professor M Tech 3 0357-180130-153018
10 V Krishna Reddy Assistant Professor M Tech 5 2860-150409-014501
11 A Gauri Shankar Joshi Assistant Professor M Tech 5 1687-160218-100920
12 S Padma Rao Assistant Professor M Tech 6 7003-150414-133218
13 N Archana Assistant Professor M Tech 4 3138-170112-121311
14 T Madhavi Assistant Professor M Tech 5 6781-170915-111957
15 G Bharat Assistant Professor M Tech 1 5944-190118-171623
16 P Upendar Assistant Professor M Tech 3 9078-170213-145327
17 S Srikanth Assistant Professor M Tech 3 83150406-163929
18 K Ravinder Assistant Professor M Tech 3 2437-160112-130837
19 G Ramesh Assistant Professor M Tech 5 8304-151223-121817
20 A Tirupathi Assistant Professor M Tech 3 4416-190219-150109
21 K Dayanand Assistant Professor M Tech 5 2095-150408-110740